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Redline Gang Warfare 2066 (PC Game)l

The game plays in a fictitious world set in the twenty-first century, fifty years after the Golden Age of Technology. The world is divided into people who live on the "inside" and gangs who live "outside".

Redline Gang Warfare 2066 (PC Game)l

So I guess most gangs are into the games because they know they won't live long anyway, and there's always a chance that someday you might blow away one of the thrill-seeking Insiders who occasionally join the games. Or maybe it's because there are some Outsiders who have become legends in the BattleWheels arenas, and live on the Inside now. Some gangs just like to watch things die.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the Earth has been laid waste by an unnaturally close orbit of the Moon, which has also turned the skies a crimson red. A privileged few live lives of luxury in cities under protective domes. Others are forced to eke out an existence on the outside, where fearful gangs battle for dominance.

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