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Chris Rock Kill The Messenger Full Video Download

The song was first released on September 29, 2003. It became more popular upon its re-release in 2004, peaking at number 10 in both the United States and the United Kingdom. It is the Killers' best-selling song in the US, where it has sold over 3.5 million copies.[10] In the United Kingdom it has also sold over 3.52 million copies and is the longest-charting single on the UK Singles Chart Top 100, having spent 342 weeks (6 years, 6 months) on the chart as of December 2022 and is the most streamed track released prior to 2010.[11] It is also one of the top fifteen most downloaded rock tracks ever in the United Kingdom.[12]

chris rock kill the messenger full video download

In 2005, "Mr. Brightside" was the sixth most downloaded song on iTunes.[40] To this day "Mr. Brightside" still has the highest popularity rating that iTunes offers, even after being available for purchase for over ten years.[citation needed] Additionally, sales of Hot Fuss album reached over 5 million sales by 2006.[41] The online music streaming service reported in 2010 that "Mr. Brightside" was the most downloaded song on the website.[42] By July 2014, the song sold more than 820,000 copies in the United Kingdom,[43] making it the UK's No. 12 most downloaded rock track of all time.[12]

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