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Where To Buy Kjaer Weis

A lightweight and creamy texture that tracelessly covers dark circles and imperfections. Our blendable formula works with all skin tones and skin types to give you a little extra help where you feel you need it. Never cakey, never settling into fine lines, just flattering and perfecting.

where to buy kjaer weis

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You can apply concealer anywhere on your face where you need to even out skin tone, brighten, or cover blemishes. Our concealer works great to brighten the under-eye area and to even out hyperpigmentation. You can also use our concealer as a contour, choosing a darker shade than your skin tone and applying to the top of the forehead, the sides of the nose, and the jawline. Always take care to blend out the concealer for a natural finish.

For the next year, it is our goal to get our first skincare product off the ground. We want to make the big step into skincare in a very impactful way. We are starting with a facial oil and we are so excited to finally release it! Our overall goal is to be a global brand where women all over the world have access to a line that offers something different. We want to offers women luxurious products with a clean ingredients list and high-quality. I think all women deserve it.

We are sold online through a variety of wonderful retailers, including Net-a-Porter, Credo, Violet Grey and Forty Five Ten, just to name a few. We are also sold in specialty stores around the country. This year we plan to expand substantially to be able to cater to as many customers as possible. We are expecting a lot of growth in 2017. As far as education goes, we spend a lot of time and effort training sales associates in stores so that they are able to fully understand the Kjaer Weis voice. Also, in late January, we will be offering how-to videos on our site along with a blog with our own branded content. Price-wise, it is a luxurious brand, but it is also a refill system where you buy the compact once and keep refilling as needed. With the refill system, we feel that we are able to offer a more affordable price, considering that these are some of the most refined, high-performance ingredients and it is a luxury brand.

I am a Manhattan-based writer covering luxury travel and luxury residential real estate. I was a contributing writer at Barron's Penta magazine where I penned the Trendspotting column and also covered luxury real estate, pursuits, collecting and other topics. I am co-editor of Pursuitist, the luxury lifestyle site and served as co-editor of Luxist, the luxury lifestyle and travel website at AOL where I oversaw the Luxist Awards, a program that honored the very best in fine living. For 13 years I was a staff writer at Forbes magazine, where I covered real estate, insurance and personal finance, among other areas. I am also the author of six books, including \"The Closet Entrepreneur\" and \"The Business of America is Business.\" Follow me on Twitter at @carriecoolidge and Instagram at @carrie.coolidge1 041b061a72

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